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Friday, May 13, 2011

EPL Match Previews: Manchester United Vs Blackburn - An Important Encounter In The Title Race.


Manchester United is all set for its Saturday's away clash against blackburn. The game is very important for the red devil as its going to assure their EPL title. Virtually Manchester United has won the EPL but mathematically its still not done yet!

Chelsea is following United on the points table, the only possibility for Chelsea to win the EPL is; it should win both of its games with at least goal difference of 2 goals and further more United losing both of its games. So there are even less then 1% chances for Chelsea to win the title. How ever United only needs one point to secure the league. Therefore they need one draw to put the trophy in their pocket!

So Tomorrow's game against blackburn is really going to be a thriller may b not so important for Blackburn fans as even a win would not make a change in their position at standing table! But for United fans its a very important match. If United wins it then they will also win the title; even a draw would do it.

Therefore United has to build a fine pro active strategy for Blackburn (as always) and i think they should not go for the kill (i mean) they should not attack too much ! because with attacking strategy there is always a fear of counter so this strategy can back fire. Being 1 nil down in the first half can make things difficult for United in this important game. Because it puts you on the back foot but yeah no doubt about United players they have definately capability to win in pressure situations and they have already done it many times.

They should keep the ball with them as much as possible and try not to make some silly mistake and to risk trophy! The should go for a defensive game which to me they are best at... If they get a goal in the first half then later they should just keep the ball with themselves and play a passing game !!!

I hope they will easily do it and with the Final Whistle in Blackburn - The Trophy would be in United's Pocket !!! Cheerz united in advance

Glory Glory Man Utd !!

Best of Luck !!!

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