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Sunday, November 16, 2008

EPL (Nov 15): United’s Young Guns Shattered Stock City by 5 Nil:


Manchester United’s relatively young side with less experience shattered the Stock City like anything. United started of in great style, as they managed to score inside 3min through Trade Mark Free Kick of Cristiano Ronaldo and that goal was of double contentment for Ronaldo as it not only put his side ahead but also it was his 100th career goal. Later on few good moves were made but the successful one held just before the half time when Michel Carrick managed to beat the keeper (in 45th min). The goal just before the half time not only certified the much needed victory of United but also it made things more complex for the Stock City.

Soon after the half time Dimitar Barbatov got the golden opportunity in 49th min; which was fully availed by him and put his side ahead with 3 goals lead. Later that half United kept on targeting goal from all sides but it was 84th min when Danny Welbeck (Debutant) scored for the home team with a beauty in his very first match. 5 minutes later Cristiano Ronaldo struck again with his Signature Free Kick and made things even more worst for the Stock City.

Now take a look at Match Facts:

Match Facts:

Man Utd------------------ Stock City

22 ----- Total Shots ----- 2

12 ----- On Target ----- 0

6 ----- Fouls ----- 16

3 ----- Corners ----- 0

2 ----- Offside ----- 2

68% --- Possession --- 32%

0 ----- Cards ----- 2 Y

I think after match facts no further explanation is required to prove United’s grip at the match and “Total Shots” & "Goals" are descriptive enough for unchallengeable strikers and unbreakable defense line of United.

Overall the match was full of fun for the ManUtd fans and we hope that ManUtd will keep on shattering the opponents like this and make us say proudly:

“ Glory Glory Man Utd - & The Reds Go Marching On On On”

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