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Friday, November 7, 2008

Champions League: A Spicy Draw - Man Utd VS Celtic [Match Review]


Wednesday November 5, A thriller for MUFC fans resulted in a 1-1 DRAW at the final whistle. Manchester United were top of the game through out the match and had complete grip of the game through out the 90 mins.

The match started off with visitors on top right from kickoff. Man Utd built a huge pressure on Celtic by shooting the ball on the goal throughout the match but unfortunately out of total 30 shots only one by Giggs was able to beat keeper.

Here are the Match Facts:

Celtic ----------------------- Man Utd

6 --------Total Shots -------- 30

3 --------On Target -------- 7

14 --------Fouls-------- 6

1 --------Offside -------- 1

26% -----Possession ----- 74%

0 --------Cards -------- 1 Y

I think Match Facts say it all, Red Devils were on top; no need to tell it. United were ahead every where except for a booking (Nani’s yellow card).

United started off in great style but it was Celtic who got the early break through in 13th min. United did not feel the pressure of the goal rather they kept on attacking as well as targeting goal from all sides especially Ronaldo & Giggs. In the 31st min Nani got yellow card which resulted his substitution at half time and with Nani’s departure another striker “Barbatov” was called to attack further. Man Utd was able to score the equalizer just before the final whistle and it was Giggs who got the eventual break through for united. After that man utd made few good tries but it was Barbatov who had the final touch of the ball just before the final whistle.

Overall the match was full of thrill and excitement for MUFC fans and that draw did not harm United’s Position in the Group E rather it has made things more critical for the home side (Celtic)

Never Mind United!

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